What We Told President Theobald

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October 12, 2015

Dear Colleague,

a photo of paul dannenfelser smiling and holding up a poster with the faces of many adjuncts on it with the message we are voting yesI wanted to let you know that today the organizing committee sent the below letter to President Theobald and Provost Dai requesting that Temple’s administration remain neutral and let adjuncts decide for ourselves about whether to join TAUP in the upcoming union election.

We deserve the opportunity to make a free and independent choice about our representation. We know as we go through this process, there might be conversations with administrators that seem unusual. If you want to talk about it, let us know and we’ll respond.

In solidarity,
Paul Dannenfelser

Dear President Theobald and Provost Dai:

On September 29, 2015, the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board (PLRB) ordered that adjunct faculty may vote to join the Temple Association of University Professionals (TAUP).

In the past ten months since we filed our petition requesting a union election, Temple University administration has made its position on the matter abundantly clear in a variety of ways. Through e-mails to the 1300 part-time faculty seeking to join TAUP, direct communication between department chairs and employees, and testimony in Harrisburg, you have clearly and consistently expressed that you do not want us to be represented by a union.

You spent significant time and University resources making your case against our right to organize. Now that the Labor Board has issued a formal ruling rejecting each of those arguments, we request that you make a commitment to remaining neutral as the election process moves forward. This would include a pledge not to send additional electronic communication or hold captive audience meetings as adjuncts deliberate during this time. Adjuncts deserve the opportunity to make up our own minds without influence or intimidation from our supervisors.

Thank you in advance for respecting our right to make a free and independent choice about representation.


Temple Association of University Professionals and United Academics of Philadelphia, the adjunct organizing committee

Arthur Hochner, FoxSBM/HRM, President
Steven Newman, CLA/English, Vice President
Norma Corrales, CLA/Spanish, Treasurer
Howard Keen, FoxSBM/Finance, EC member
Stanley McDonald, CLA/English, EC member
William Newman, CLA/Economics, EC member
Karen Palter, CST/Biology, EC member
Robert Pred, FoxSBM/Statistics, EC member
Bruce Rader, FoxSBM/Finance, EC member
Fred Rowland, Paley Library, EC member
Joseph Schwartz, CLA/Political Science, EC member
Jeffrey Solow, Boyer/Instrumental, EC member
Donald Wargo, CLA/Economics, EC member
Lynne Andersson, FoxSBM/HRM, EC member
Sam Allingham, English
Maggie Avener, Math
Paul Dannenfelser, Social Work
Ian Davisson, Intellectual Heritage
Melissa DeGezelle, English
Donald Deeley, English
Ryan Eckes, English
Mohammed Hamid, Math
Jeff Hornstein, Geography and Urban Studies
John Krick, English
Linda Lee, Intellectual Heritage
Yvonne Lung, Tyler School of Art
Wende Marshall, Anthropology
Carolina Maugeri, English
Alexis Nutini, Tyler School of Art
Chris Rabb, Fox School of Business
Abner Rodriguez, College of Engineering
Jennie Shanker, Tyler School of Art
Elizabeth Spencer, English
Adam Zolkover, Intellectual Heritage