Not Falling For It

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October 22, 2015

Dear Colleague,

This summer, we testified in Harrisburg about our experiences as faculty at Temple University. We have all had adjunct appointments in the past and currently teach as non-tenured full time professors. We were proud to show our support for you in your effort to join TAUP when we testified in Harrisburg this summer because despite what the administration has tried to argue, you are our colleagues and a valued part of the Temple community.

We know better than anyone that the work of full-time faculty is the same as adjuncts’ work, but because we have the collective voice and protection of a union, we are able to feel more secure in our positions now than we did as adjuncts.

The good news is that the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board agrees and recently ruled that Temple must allow adjuncts the opportunity to vote in a union election.

An election will be happening very soon, and more information will be shared about when and how to vote yes as soon as it’s available. Even before you get the chance to vote officially, you can show Temple our strength by signing the vote yes pledge.

Together, we can accomplish so much more than we can as individuals.

In solidarity,
Kathleen Davis, Human Resources Management
Stan McDonald, First Year Writing Program
Don Wargo, Economics

PS – If you want to read what Temple had to say in Harrisburg or see our testimony, you can check it out here.