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Adjuncts at Temple are Bargaining

In May, our negotiating team met with Temple administration to begin negotiations over the inclusion of adjunct faculty at Temple into the TAUP faculty contract. Our intention is for this process to be conducted as smoothly and as cooperatively as it was in 2014 when we were able to reach a satisfying contract for Temple’s full-time faculty.


We Won!

Good news! The results of the Temple University adjunct election were counted in Harrisburg today, and with 70% of adjuncts voting yes, they are now represented by the faculty union. This is a huge victory for all of us who value education and believe in workers’ rights.

Labor Board Recaps

Linked here are transcripts and live social media recaps from the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board hearings in the matter of Temple University’s adjunct faculty voting to join TAUP, the union already representing full-time faculty. Take a stand and support adjuncts who are getting ready to vote UNION YES! 

Not Falling For It

This summer, we testified in Harrisburg about our experiences as faculty at Temple University. We have all had adjunct appointments in the past and currently teach as non-tenured full time professors. We were proud to show our support for you in your effort to join TAUP when we testified in Harrisburg this summer because despite what the administration has tried to argue, you are our colleagues and a valued part of the Temple community.

What We Told President Theobald

Today the organizing committee sent the below letter to President Theobald and Provost Dai requesting that Temple’s administration remain neutral and let adjuncts decide for ourselves about whether to join TAUP in the upcoming union election.

We Filed for an Election!

On Dec 17, 2014,adjuncts and organizers drove to Harrisburg PA to file a petition seeking union representation for adjunct faculty at Temple University. An overwhelming majority of adjuncts teaching at the university signed authorization cards to join Temple Association of University Professionals (TAUP).

A Message from TAUP's President

As a long-time tenured professor and President of Temple Association of University Professionals that already represents over 1,400 full-time faculty, librarians, and academic professionals at the University, I strongly support your efforts to join our union and gain collective bargaining rights. As adjunct professors, your work is vital to support the mission of Temple as a public, urban research university.