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20 Bills to Watch in the PA Legislature

AFT Pennsylvania is watching several important bills that matter to teachers, school employees and state workers, including legislatiion to eliminate school property taxes, gut defined-benefit pensions for new teachers and state workers and eliminate seniority, union leave and mandatory 10-day sick leave for teachers.

Hey Harrisburg: We can 'protect' our own paychecks!

The Pennsylvania Senate passed a so-called "paycheck protection" bill that redefines normal union activities such as legislative advocacy and non-partisan voter registration drives as "political" and then bar unions from using automatic payroll deductions to fund those activities. 

Talking Points: Protect Retirement Security

Know the facts about school and state employee pensions. Click MORE to read and download AFTPA Pension Talking Points. Then contact your  state legislators and write letters to the editors of local newspapers to protect our pensions.