Join Your Colleagues at Arcadia in Forming a Union

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Photos of 12 professors under the text WE WANT A UNION AT ARCADIA UNIVERSITY, with logos for the American Federation of Teachers and United Academics of Philadelphia

City-wide, contingent faculty are joining United Academics of Philadelphia (UAP) and organizing schools to win strong collective bargaining contracts to improve the employment conditions of contingent faculty.

Adjunct and full-time non-tenure track professors make up more than half the faculty at Arcadia University. As essential members of the University community, we are forming a union because excellence in teaching and learning depends on a faculty empowered by stability and respect. As contingent faculty, we seek solutions to issues such as job security, equitable pay, class cancellations, benefits, and professional development. Our union will be committed to dignity, fairness, and opportunity for the entire University. We will ensure quality education for our students and meet the challenges facing higher education today.

Many contingent faculty at Arcadia University have already signed our mission statement and begun signing authorization cards to petition for a collective bargaining election. Are you ready to join us? Fill out the form below, and we will make sure you get an authorization card. (Please put the building where you teach on campus in the "Worksite" field.)